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Triton Coupon Test Stations can be used to measure the effectiveness of CP systems by monitoring on-off readings, DC current densities from coupons, and measure the risk of AC-related corrosion through coupons.

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Method of attaching wires to a buried metal pipeline without using typicalmethods that generate heat on the pipeline during wire attachment.NotHot™ makes a strong permanent, low resistance wire connection. Thereis a need to have an alternative to thermo-welding or brazing in specificinstances when use of heat is unsafe or undesirable

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The Bass Sure Contact probe bar is designed to provide positive electrical contact with a pipeline or underground structure. Once the structure has been probed to determine depth, simply auger in the Bass Sure Contact Probe bar until it breaks the coating on the pipe or structure.

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MESA Products

MESA Products is a leading supplier of cathodic protection materials and corrosion control solutions designed to eliminate rust and protect critical infrastructure.

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To protect people, property, and the planet through SAFE manufacturing & on-time delivery of quality cp materials.

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Jass D.

Follow the Google map & you'll find your way to MESA. This company is full of friendly people who are customer and vendor-focused. Excellent shipping department.
Google Review

Claude W

A Truly Professional Company! This place is absolutely fantastic for CP training and so much more. The company genuinely cares about its hardworking employees, valuing those with excellent attendance and a solid commitment to following company guidelines and safety procedures. They treat both temporary and permanent staff members with fairness and respect. I recommend this company without hesitation. 👍👍

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